We got to “slash ’em all” in our test run of The Witcher: Monster Slayer

To restrain them is your cause.

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Witcher 3 has been, quite arguably, one of the best games to come out in the recent decade. That, and with last year’s release of The Witcher series over at Netflix, it looks like the CD Projekt Red can do no wrong. While fans have been waiting for a proper sequel, there has been a few spin-offs that gained quite a following like its digital collectible card game counterpart, Gwent. Now it seems that the franchise wants to tap another set of audience with their upcoming game – The Witcher: Monster Slayer.


For those who haven’t heard of it, The Witcher: Monster Slayer is essentially Pokemon: Go set in the world of the Witcher universe, so expect a more mature outing with this one. Developed by Spokko, a relatively new game dev studio coming out of CD Projekt Red, here’s a short trailer on what you can expect for the game, along with a few bits of info.


The Witcher: Monster Slayer is a location-based augmented-reality RPG that challenges you to become a professional monster hunter. Venture out into the world around you and use your mobile device to track witcher-world monsters that roam close-by. Track these monsters and prepare for combat using time of day, weather conditions, and your witcher knowledge to gain an advantage on your quest to becoming an elite monster slayer.

Put enemies to the sword – Fight gigantic, life-size monsters in first-person, RPG-inspired combat, but make sure you’re properly prepared by training your character, brewing potions and oils, crafting bombs, and selecting the appropriate equipment for the battles ahead.
Gather trophies from fallen foes – Defeat dozens of different beasts from the world of the Witcher, both familiar and never-before-seen, and grow a collection of bloody trophies to mark each victory. With time, you can grow an impressive collection worthy of a monster slayer of true renown.
Become a Witcher – Experience story-driven quests that propel you through epic adventures inspired by series, taking you deep into the heart of what it means to be an elite monster slayer.
Adventure awaits – Make the dark fantasy world of the Witcher your reality with advanced AR features that encourage exploration and change your perception of places you thought you knew.


Having tried the game in ios via TestFlight, I immediately recognized familiar mechanics with its AR monster-capturing counterpart Pokemon: GO!


This however goes a bit deeper because you literally cut deep in the skin of a monster using your trusty Silver Sword.


But don’t expect to hack and slash your way into every foe you encounter on the road. Just like a true Witcher, over time you will learn how to prepare additional equipment for your journey like bombs and oils.


What really got me excited though is that they also brought the magic system here. You can cast them using specific swipe actions like this fire-based spell called Igni.


There are also some daily grinds you can do to give a bit of focus on what to do and let you rack up on resources while your at it. A staple in every game of this genre.


Overall, I enjoyed this early build of the game but because of the fact that I was heavily invested before on everything Witcher-related. I would suggest for gamers coming in cold to try out the previous Witcher games (you can even start at Witcher 3) or even the Gwent card game just to dip your toes a bit on the rich lore. Currently, there is no release date for this game but we can expect The Witcher: Monster Slayer to roll out in smartphone devices in the coming months.