DAMWON Gaming are your Worlds 2020 champions

DAMWON took home the LCK's first championship in three years.

The League of Legends World Championship 2020 has reached its epic conclusion last Saturday as the DAMWON Gaming defeated Suning 3-1 in the Worlds 2020 Finals. With their win, DAMWON Gaming are officially the Worlds 2020 champions, taking home the trophy for South Korea.

What makes DAMWON Gaming’s championship run noteworthy is that they’ve brought the trophy home for the LCK after three years. After all, the last LoL world championship won by a Korean team was back in Worlds 2017 by Samsung Galaxy. For the past two Worlds events, a team from the LPL (China) took home the trophy.

Before their Finals victory, DAMWON Gaming had a dominant run starting from the group stage as they only dropped one game to capture the top spot in Group B. In the Knockout Stage, DAMWON defeated fellow Korean team DRX 3-0, after which they took out G2 in a 3-1 series victory in the Semifinals.

At the Finals, DAMWON faced off against hometown team Suning (as Worlds 2020 took place in Shanghai). While DAMWON won the first game, Suning struck back in epic fashion during the next game, with Suning’s BIN getting the first-ever pentakill in a Worlds final.

With the series tied 1-1, DAMWON Gaming seemed undeterred as the team convincingly won games 3 and 4 to secure the Worlds 2020 championship. With their win, DAMWON Gaming took home not only the Worlds 2020 trophy, but also a cash prize of USD 1,267,500–25% of the Worlds 2020 prize pool of USD 5.07 million.

Featured image via Riot Games