Fake Datablitz accounts are cropping up on social media

Beware of these fake accounts!

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For a lot of Filipino gamers, Datablitz is one of the go-to video game retailers. After all, Datablitz has been selling original software since the 90s.

If you’re regular buyer of games at the said store, you might want to be more careful which page you check. This is because there have been several fake Datablitz social media pages that have started to crop up online. What’s worse is that these fake pages solicit orders/pre-orders for games and consoles.

Given the situation, Datablitz has recently issued a statement regarding these fake pages. In their statement, Datablitz advised gamers to be wary of posts and pages that are claiming to be legitimate.


It has come to our attention that there are entities which are using DataBlitz trademark and business name in…

Posted by DataBlitz onĀ Monday, November 23, 2020

For reference, here are the official Datablitz websites:

Meanwhile, here are the official Datablitz social media pages:

If a Datablitz link or a page you see online is not any of the above, that means the page is fake. And if a “Datablitz” page is claiming that more pre-orders are open, those are fake as well. So, make sure to double check the page and the URL before a transaction.