Man forced to sell PS5 after wife finds out it was a game console, not an air purifier

    Don't trick your partner, folks.


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    It’s fair to say that most gamers would love to have a PS5 right now, with most likely saving up since early this year to get their hands on one. Though there is an issue for some gamers, specifically those with partners/spouses that don’t play games. They likely won’t appreciate or agree to a big purchase such as a PS5.

    That’s exactly the case with a Taiwanese man who recently bought a PS5. Knowing that his wife will not like the purchase, he instead told her that it was an air purifier. It’s a scene straight out of the Plash Speed video where a man told his wife that his new PS4 was a Wi-Fi router.

    Alas, the wife of the Taiwanese man discovered that the PS5 was a game console, not an air purifier. The story was revealed by a netizen who bought the PS5 from the said Taiwanese man, who was selling it at a big discount. Asking why the man was selling the PS5, he was told the story of how he tried to trick his wife.

    Screenshot via SGEverydayonSales
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    The story proved to be incredibly popular as the post circulated widely online. This just goes to show how relatable hiding a big purchase is from your spouse. But take it from the Taiwanese man–don’t trick your partner as she/he will definitely find out.

    Source: SGEverydayonSales via AsiaOne

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