Perfect World VNG adds the new Assassin Class – here’s why it’s a game changer

The Assassin class is an exciting addition to the game!

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Earlier this month, Perfect World VNG received a major update that included a wealth of in-game content, including a new winter theme, equipment, skins, and more. The update’s highlight though is no doubt the introduction of the new Assassin Class. This new class is the third class for the Untamed race, joining the Vulpine and Barbarian classes.

What makes the Assassin class interesting is that characters in this class have incredibly high damage output which dramatically affect the PvP and 6-on-6 group fight experience. This means Assassins are not just great for players of the Untamed race, they also have wide-reaching effects in the game overall.

Thanks to the game-changing addition of the Assassin class, now is definitely a great time to jump into (or back into) Perfect World VNG for mobile. Wondering what makes the Assassin Class a game-changer? Here are four reasons why:

Powerful 1v1 Fighters

The Assassin has incredibly high damage potential. Couple this with their ability to become invisible, this makes them well suited for 1v1 engagements. Like most MMOs, player-versus-player is a major aspect of Perfect World VNG, meaning the addition of the Assassins class is exciting.

Of course, even with the powerful damage of Assassins, using an Assassin Class character doesn’t guarantee a win. After all, Assassins have low health to offset their damage output and skillet. Thanks to this, whether you use or face off against an Assassin in PvP, you will no doubt have an exciting time.

Enough utility for team fights

While they shine in 1v1 combat, Assassins are also incredibly useful in 6-on-6 group fights. This is thanks in large part to their two combat stances: Invisible and Visible. Through their Shadow Walk skill, Assassins can shift between being Visible and Invisible, meaning they can conceal themselves after attacking and dealing big damage.

This set of skill also make the Assassin an excellent teammate for harassing and controlling enemies in a team fight. To spice things up though, the power of an Assassin is limited in the air, meaning Assassins must be very careful in these situations.

Hit-and-Run tactics will test your skill

To take full advantage of the Assassin’s kit, players must master hit-and-run tactics. Because of their low health pool, Assassins are not able to just stand there and attack while in full view of the enemy; doing so is a guaranteed death sentence. Instead, Assassin players must stick to the shadows with their invisibility skill, and then strike at opportune moments. Once an enemy is struck, an Assassin can opt to dash away to avoid getting damaged.

While this seems like an obvious playstyle, it is far from easy to pull off consistently. In fact, hit-and-run tactics are a major test of skill for a player. Thanks to this, players looking for a rewarding challenge should definitely give the Assassin class a try.

Sage or Demon Assassin?

As with other classes, once an Assassin character reaches level 69, he/she can select either the Sage or the Demon path. Each path gives the character additional skills that can prove useful in different situations. Choosing to go with either the Sage or Demon path will enhance your Assassin in different ways.

For instance, the Sage path gives Assassins skills such as Divine Chi which recovers a bit of HP, increases attack, and lets the character become invincible for two seconds. Overall, the Sage adds useful survivability skills and enhances crowd control. Meanwhile, going with the Demon path also brings some survivability, but there is more of a focus on damage output.

And there you have it, four reasons why the new Assassin class is a game-changer! Interested in giving Perfect World VNG a try? The game is available now on Android and iOS. For more info on the game, visit:

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