Share 20GB of Data with up to 4 people in Globe’s first shareable data wallet promo, Share & Surf 249

Stay online longer, together with Globe's first shareable mobile data promo.

Even before the pandemic happened, going online is already quite important, but it became superbly critical when everything went on lockdown. The need to stay connected on an almost 24-7 has become imminent for businesses, individuals, and students alike. While workers have had time to acclimate to the demands of working from home, this is the first time that the entire country is implementing a distance learning module for students – regardless of socio-economic conditions.

With the demand of being connected skyrocketing, telco’s are scrambling to get people online as quick and painless as possible. And if you’re on a budget, hooking up on a monthly plan might not even be an option – hence this new large data allocation promo from Globe.

The new SHARE & SURF 249 pretty much gives you 20GB (15GB + 5GB Bonus) that you can freely share between you and up to 3 people within the Globe network – this means you can give it to people who have Globe Prepaid, Globe Postpaid, Globe MyFi, Globe Platinum, and Globe Prepaid Home WiFi.

This additional 20GB of Data must be consumed within 7 days or the promo expires. So how does one go about this? Simply download the Globe One App and from there you can track the Globe Share & Surf 249 at the Prepaid tab.

Make sure that you have sufficient load (Php 249) and once you’re registered you can now opt to create your group so you can track Data consumption and manage your 20GB better. You can allocate how much data a member in your network can consume ranging from 1, 3, 5, or 10GB per person.



This promo is ideal for group projects where you need to ensure that everyone in your team has readily accessible data. Now, sure you can hotspot your way into most things but then that’s going to be such a hassle if/when a lot of devices are leeching of data from your mobile phone. Not only will it drain your data faster, it’s also going to drain the battery of your device even further.

I tested this out during the week that our ISP got disrupted and our household badly needed data.


At 20GB for 7 days, that should be more than enough for you and your family or friends to stay connected almost all the time.

To know more about Globe’s Share & Surf 249 Promo, check them out at their official website or download the Globe One App.