Tired from work? Take a break and relax inside this Metapod Sleeping Bag

Just the thing when you're so done with everything.

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Because of the ongoing pandemic, a lot of people have been forced to work or study at home. While this is convenient, a work/study from home setup isn’t perfect, as there are challenges that go along with it. So if you find yourself getting stressed out, remember to take a breather and relax a bit.

Better yet, you might want to take a quick power nap inside this Metapod Sleeping Bag!

Recently, Premium Bandai introduced this sleeping bag that will let you feel like you’re inside a massive Metapod! Sure, you might not evolve into a Butterfree after a quick nap, but you’ll no doubt feel refreshed.

The inside of the Metapod sleeping bag has lots of padding, meaning it should be quite comfortable to snuggle in. Though given its shape, you won’t be able to lie down flat, meaning it’s not recommended for use when camping or for any other time where an actual sleeping bag is needed.

If you want to lie down, you’ll have to do so on your side. With the generous amount of padding though, this should still be quite comfortable.

Want to have a power nap inside a Metapod? The Metapod sleeping bag is now available for pre-order on the Premium Bandai website. The sleeping bag is priced at JPY 35,000 (around USD 333) and will release in April 2021.

In the Philippines, local otaku retailer Onegai Onii-chanĀ is accepting pre-orders for the Metapod sleeping bag, and it is priced at PHP 26,000 (or PHP 24,700 for Loyalty Cardholders).