Globe’s Holi-Games Showcase Gives a Glimpse on the Future of 5G Gaming

5G is definitely a game-changer.

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More and more people are delving into the world of gaming because, well, it’s one of the few ways to entertain ourselves (and show our competitiveness) that is available to us at the moment. The good thing is in gaming, there are countless things to try and enjoy – consoles, video game titles, game modes. With the arrival of 5G technology in the country, it opened an even bigger realm of possibilities in gaming.

As the pioneer in 5G service in the country, Globe is ushering in a new generation of gaming for everyone with its promise of lower latency and lightning-fast speeds. We got to know more of this and Globe’s other gaming offers through the Holi-Games Showcase, the 3rd episode of Globe’s #ChristmasWeLove Live Pop-Up, hosted by celebrity couple and gamers Mikael Daez and Megan Young.


Cloud Gaming

With cloud gaming, you can play a wide array of games on demand without having to buy a console or a gaming PC – all you need is your phone! It also allows gamers to play together even if they are miles apart, which is a great feature to have given our current situation. To show how amazing this can be, Mikael and Megan played a game of King of Fighters XIII on the Gameloft Stream powered by Blacknut Cloud Gaming App and Globe 5G.

“That was a fighting game which requires zero input lag and it was such a smooth and seamless experience. It makes me so excited by what else we can do by gaming on the cloud using Globe 5G, of course,” noted Mikael.


Virtual Reality

When talking about 5G, virtual reality (VR) will  always be in the conversation. VR provides a more immersive and dynamic experience to the game, bringing the players into different worlds beyond their limited space. Using the Globe VR cardboard, Mikael and Megan gave VR a try and pointed out how lifelike and real the experience was because of how it smoothly follows the movement of the head without any delay.

If you miss traveling, this is definitely a great way to go places beyond your limited space this holiday while still staying safe at home. You can discover and watch VR videos for free on YouTube, the official VR partner of Globe, using the Globe VR cardboard.


Augmented Reality Technology

The much-awaited Niantic AR Demo trailer was also shown at the Holli-Games Showcase featuring their newest game, Codename: Urban Legends. Both hosts expressed their excitement for the game since they are also fans of Niantic’s Pokemon Go. “It’s kind of like a new bonding experience for us since we’re a gamer couple!” said Megan.

Through the Niantic Planet-Scale AR Alliance, exclusive 5G-ready AR content will be made available, and consumer AR experiences that set the standard for what innovation means in a 5G world will be demonstrated.

Being the only Southeast Asian founding member of this alliance, expect Globe to drive next generation gaming powered by Niantic’s advanced AR real-world platform that will push the boundaries of what can be experienced in a Niantic game with 5G technology.


Special League of Legends: Wild Rift Offers

With its recent partnership with Riot Games Southeast Asia, Globe has launched special data offers for League of Legends: Wild Rift. Just subscribe to GoSURF with free GoWatch and Play, GG30 and GG50, or GoPLAY10 booster for Globe Prepaid via the GlobeOne app and enjoy the League of Legends experience on your mobile devices and on the go.

Speaking of Wild Rift, Mikael and Megan battled against each other in an intense and fun match-up with Team Liyab. In the end, Megan ultimately got the victory in the end, which let her donate Php 50,000 to her charity of choice, Smile Train Philippines.

You may still catch Globe’s Holi-Games Showcase on Globe’s Facebook page via this link:

Globe’s powerful 5G network is now available in 11 cities in Metro Manila, and in key areas in Davao and Cebu. Visit to know more.