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    How to enable 120FPS gameplay on MSI Monitors for PS5 and Xbox Series X

    Here's how you can take full advantage of next-gen console power.


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    If you now have a PS5 or an Xbox Series X, chances are you’re itching to take full advantage of your new console’s power by playing select games in 120FPS. Though not all displays support it; not to mention that 120FPS mode gameplay isn’t on by default.

    Though if you’re playing on select MSI monitors, well you’re in luck! A range of MSI monitors have 120Hz refresh rates, meaning you can enjoy games in 120FPS. In case you’re wondering how to play games at a higher refresh rate though, here’s a quick guide.

    Here’s what you need to do on PS5:

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    1. Look for Saved Data and Game/App Settings from the Settings

    1. Choose Performance Mode in the Game Presets

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    1. Restart the game and your game will run at the highest supported screen refresh rate.

    Here’s a step-by-step video in case you need more info:


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    Meanwhile, here are the steps you need to do on Xbox Series X:

    1. Look for General > TV & display options in the settings

    1. Change the Display to 120Hz in TV & display options

    Now, here are the monitors tested by MSI that can support 120FPS gameplay:

    MSI Console Mode support list – FHD 120Hz

    MPG ARTYMIS 343CQR (Launch in January)Oculux NXG253R (3rd of February launch)
    MPG ARTYMIS 323CQR (Launch in April)Optix MPG341QR (Launch in May)
    MPG ARTYMIS 273CQRX (Launch in April)Optix MPG321UR (Launch in May)
    MPG ARTYMIS 273CQR (Launch in April)Optix MPG321QRF (Launch in May)
    MAG ARTYMIS 324CP (Launch in April)Optix MAG274QRF-QD
    MAG ARTYMIS 274CP (Launch in May)Optix MAG274QRF
    Optix MPG341CQROptix MAG274R
    Optix MPG341CQRVOptix MAG273R
    Optix MPG27CQ2Optix MAG273
    Optix MPG27COptix MAG272QP
    Optix MPG27COptix MAG272QP
    Optix MAG322CQROptix MAG272QR
    Optix MAG322CQRVOptix MAG272R
    Optix MAG322CROptix MAG271R
    Optix MAG321CQROptix MAG271V
    Optix MAG272CRXOptix MAG251RX
    Optix MAG272CQROptix G273QPF (21th of January launch)
    Optix MAG272CROptix G272
    Optix MAG272COptix G271
    Optix MAG271CQROptix G242
    Optix MAG271CROptix G241
    Optix MAG271CCreator PS321QR
    Optix MAG241CR
    Optix MAG241C
    Optix MAG240CR
    Optix MAG24C
    Optix AG321CQR
    Optix AG321CR
    Optix G32CQ4
    Optix G32C4
    Optix G27CQ4
    Optix G27C7 (14th of January launch)
    Optix G27C6P (14th of January launch)
    Optix G27C6 (14th of January launch)
    Optix G27C5
    Optix G27C4
    Optix G27C2
    Optix G24C6P (14th of January launch)
    Optix G24C6 (3rd of December launch)
    Optix G24C4

    And for reference, here are the games that support 120FPS gameplay:

    Current Game that support 120FPS – PS5

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (Supports 120 FPS at lower resolution)
    Destiny 2 (Supports 120FPS at lower resolution in Crucible matches)
    Devil May Cry V: Special Edition (Supports 120FPS at 1080p)
    Dirt 5 (Supports 120 FPS at lower resolution)
    Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom (Supports 120 FPS at native 4K)
    Nioh Collection (Both Nioh 1, Nioh 2 and DLC for both games supports 120 FPS at a lower resolution)
    Rainbow Six Siege (Supports 120 FPS at lower resolution)
    WRC 9 (Supports 120 FPS in ‘Performance Mode’)

    Current Game that support 120FPS – Xbox Series X

    Call of Duty: Warzone*
    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
    Destiny 2
    Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition
    Dirt 5
    Gears 5 (multiplayer)
    Halo Infinite (multiplayer)
    Halo: The Master Chief Collection
    King Oddball
    Metal: Hellsinger
    Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom
    Ori and the Will of the Wisps
    Orphan of the Machine
    Rainbow Six Siege
    Rocket League*
    Rogue Company
    Second Extinction
    Star Wars Squadrons
    The Falconeer
    The Touryst
    WRC 9

    While next-gen consoles support 4K and even up to 8K resolution, the PS5 currently does not support native 1440p. In this regard, MSI released the Console Mode update on select monitors. With Console Mode, the MSI Monitor is able to accept a 4K signal which it then downscales to 1440p, meaning better image quality.

    Here are the monitors that have MSI’s new Console Mode:

    MPG ARTYMIS 343CQRCreator PS321QR
    Optix MPG341CQROptix MAG274QRF-QD
    Optix MPG341CQRVOptix MAG274QRF
    Optix MAG342CQR
    Optix AG321CQR

    For more info on Console Mode, visit the official MSI website.

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