Kratos will be joining Fortnite as a playable skin

Our boi is back!

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Fortnite’s Season 5 just kicked-off and, for those who still hasn’t gotten over the fact that The Mandalorian joins in on all the action, now here comes the God of War himself, Kratos! Check out the bit of news below:

Yes that’s right! And definitely not a rumor as this came from PlayStation’s official Twitter account. Personally I’m not surprised as the whole season’s lore focuses on our hero Agent Jones trying to piece back the game’s identity – something that, honestly, Fortnite seems to deliberately move away from, given the numerous collaborations (DC, Marvel, Stranger Things to name a few), so putting Kratos in the mix definitely fits in the “everyone is welcome” theme that the game tries to achieve.


Image taken from HYPEX over at Twitter.

From the looks of it, this will be based on his recent form from God of War released in 2018. No news yet on when the skin will roll out, but I hope they won’t lock this as a PlayStaion exclusive.