The PS5 is outperforming the Xbox Series X in several cross-platform games

That's in spite of the Xbox Series X being more powerful technically.

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According to tests done by Digital Foundry, it seems that the PlayStation 5 is performing better in a number of games over the Xbox Series X. This is quite surprising given that the Series X is billed as the ‘World’s Most Powerful Console’ given its more powerful GPU when measured in teraflops.

As compiled by The Verge, the PS5 runs Devil May Cry 5 SE smoother than the Series X when using the high frame rate mode. In fact, the PS5 is able to run the Devil May Cry 5 SE at 40FPS more than the Series X can.

Aside from Devil May Cry, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla also runs better on PS5. On the PlayStation console, Valhalla ran smoothly, but on the Series X, the game dipped below 60FPS and had some noticeable screen tearing.

Not all games play better on the PS5 though, as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for instance, runs better on the Series X with ray-tracing on. Though on the 120FPS mode, the PS5 is able to play Black Ops Cold War much more smoothly.

For now, it seems that the PS5 is able to run most cross-platform games better than the Series X; a totally unexpected result given the Series X’s performance advantage on paper. Of course, these are just based on initial tests, as Microsoft will likely address these issues in a later update.

Source: Digital Foundry, The Verge