Iconic ‘End of Evangelion’ scene recreated in Terraria

Map is ready for download.

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Paying homage to an iconic scene in End of Evangelion, Steam users TheaVanherst and Alexmiles made an awesome map in the sandbox adventure game Terraria that recreates the scene where the EVA Unit 01 is holding a battleship (originally in the film it was the Unit 02 who did the heavy lifting).

Check out the images below (courtesy Banherst):

Below image is for reference, credit to Khara:

From the download page:

“Final version of the house I built.
There will be an expansion on this world in a few months with Eva unit 02 for a battle arena.

Built by myself with a handy little helper to help build the original hull of the ship.
Build time is around 70-80 hours, done manually with a couple reference images.

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Impressive work of art if I may do say so myself. The map can be downloaded in the maker’s Steam Community page.