Splatoon 3 announced at the latest Nintendo Direct

Its Mad Max meets Splatoon!

Inklings who enjoyed Splatoon 2 got a surprise with the announcement of Splatoon 3 as the last game revealed during the Nintendo Direct.

As if Nintendo knows that there is a drought inside the heart of Inklings who can’t get enough of the last Splatfest, the trailer features an Inkling in the middle of a desert, after which it showed a bit of the customization options of the game along with a new pet. After venturing around the desert, a train transports the inkling to a new plaza called Splatsville.

The rest of the trailer shows-off some of the multiplayer gameplay and new weapons. The desert setting and what seems to be a dilapidated Eiffel Tower may also suggest that the world of Splatoon is set in post-apocalyptic timeline. And based on the short glimpse in the trailer, we can speculate that they may add a bit exploration to the gameplay (or maybe even a Battle Royale mode). So we better wait for more updates, but it is confirmed that the game will release for the Switch in 2022.

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