The Kingdom Hearts series is coming to PC on March 30

Releasing exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

ONE Store Beta Now Available

While the Kingdom Hearts games are available on both PlayStation and Xbox, PC players can finally play Square Enix’s iconic series as Kingdom Hearts is coming to PC on March 30. Yes, PC players will soon be able to play practically all the games in the Kingdom Hearts series, though Kingdom Hearts will release exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

Currently, there’s no word yet on if Kingdom Hearts’ Epic exclusivity is permanent or if it’s just a timed exclusive.

To be specific, the Kingdom Hearts games that will release on PC include the HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX pack, the HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, KH III + the Re Mind DLC, and the rhythm game spin-off ‘Melody of Memory’. With these games, you can play most of the series’ games, including titles released on PSP and the 3DS.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s inside each collection:

  • Kingdom Heart HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX:
    • Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
    • Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
    • Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
    • Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix
    • Cinematic remake of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (not playable)
    • Cinematic remake of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (not playable)
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue
    • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
    • Cinematic remake of Kingdom Hearts χ (not playable)
    • Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage
  • Kingdom Hearts III
    • Includes the Re Mind DLC expansion
  • Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX is priced at USD 49.99 (around PHP 2,400) while the other games are priced at USD 59.99 (around PHP 2,890). Pre-purchase the games now at the Epic Games Store.