Five features of the ZenBook Duo (UX482) that will level up your productivity

The ZenBook Duo UX482 has finally launched in the Philippines, and here are five features of the laptop aimed at enhancing productivity.

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ASUS has finally launched the ZenBook Duo (UX482) in the Philippines, and it is the latest model of the brand’s signature dual-screen laptop. At first, the new Duo might not seem like a big upgrade, but make no mistake, the UX482 has a ton of meaningful improvements that will help level up your productivity.

While the previous Duo was already a good laptop, the new version adds more powerful hardware, better displays, and more. So, in case you’re on the lookout for a new work laptop, here are five features that will convince you to get the new ZenBook Duo!

1. Main Touch Display

The previous model’s 14-inch display was already good for general use, but the UX482 has a major advantage – this model’s main screen is a 1080p touch display! Thanks to this, users don’t have to resort to using the trackpad when working on the laptop; pretty nifty if you forgot to bring a wireless mouse with you.

A touch display is also great as the ZenBook Duo UX482 comes with an ASUS Stylus inside the box. Thanks to this, you can write and draw on the main display if the need arises.

2. Improved ScreenPad Plus

While the ScreenPad Plus of the Duo has always been a touch display, the UX482 still has some interesting upgrades up its sleeve. Aside from letting you multi-task with ease by acting as a secondary screen, the ScreenPad Plus also has a refreshed user interface which includes a better Task Group and a cleaner App Navigator. These improvements make the secondary display easier to use and more flexible.

Along with a UI revamp, the ScreenPad Plus also has several built-in apps, such as a calculator and a handwriting app; these should prove useful for work-related tasks. And of course, there are apps that take full advantage of the secondary display. For instance, Adobe Premiere Pro gives users control options on the ScreenPad Plus, making for a more easier access and a more streamlined workflow.

3. Refreshed Design

The ScreenPad Plus’ software wasn’t the only improvement though as the secondary screen’s design has been much improved. For the UX482, ASUS fitted a lifting mechanism for the ScreenPad, meaning when the laptop is opened, the secondary screen automatically lifts. This mechanism makes the ScreenPad easier to view and use. Plus, it also helps improve the laptop’s airflow which is useful when using hardware-intensive apps.

4. More Powerful Hardware

Speaking of hardware-intensive apps, the UX482 is a clear step up in performance over its predecessor. This is thanks to the new Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor and NVIDIA MX 450 GPU. With this CPU + GPU combo, you should be able to easily work on documents, edit photos, and do some light video editing. If you want to game, you can even play esports titles on this laptop!

5. Impressive Battery Life

Even with its more powerful internals, we were surprised to find out that the ZenBook Duo has excellent battery life. In our test, the laptop still had 79% remaining after playing a 2 and 1/2 hour movie at 50% brightness and volume; that’s with the ScreenPad Plus on mind you.

With this result, it should mean the Duo can last for hours on end on a single charge, especially if you don’t game on it or work on some video editing while unplugged. So if you have multiple places to go for work, or if you just don’t want to be chained to a power outlet when working, the ZenBook Duo UX482 is a worthy laptop to consider.

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