Five things we’re most excited for in Monster Hunter Rise

From the Wire Bug to the Palamutes, here are five additions to Monster Hunter Rise that we can't wait to try out.

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Monster Hunter’s latest installment, Monster Hunter Rise, is just around the corner. The game will feature several new and dynamic mechanics to its gameplay, like the grappling hook that allows the players to scale new heights. But there are even more things to look forward to in MH Rise with the release of the demo that just came out last week. It just made eager hunters go wild even more to finally get the full experience when the game is fully released this week. So, to build on that hype, here are the things that we are excited about Monster Hunter Rise.

Wire Bug

Perhaps one of the biggest highlights of MH Rise is the addition of the Wire Bug. This grappling hook allows hunters to literally scale mountains for fast navigation, and allows a plethora of mobility options for the hunter. The Wire Bug can be used to dash or to recover from monsters’ attacks, and it can even be used for offensive purposes with its own skill called Silkbind (this skill varies for each weapon type).

By taking down a monster with the Silkbind skill, you can bring the monster into a Mountable State. When a monster is in this state, a hunter can ride that monster and do their bidding for a certain duration. 


In MH Rise, not only hunters can have the feline companions Palicos as their hunting partners they can also bring the new companions called Palamutes with them. These canine companions will help the hunters zip through the maps as a rideable mount, as well as fight alongside the hunters during monster hunts. These dogs also chase fleeing monsters so you won’t lose track of your prey. Hunters can also craft materials for their Palico and Palamute companions for matching armor.

Gyro Controls 

With the Nintendo Switch’s motion-aiming capabilities, Bow-Guns and Bows can now utilize the new Gyro aiming system that is exclusive to the Switch. But to tell you the truth, it kinda feels awkward personally to adjust to this new feature at first, considering a lot of monsters are fast-moving and can act unpredictably. But the good thing is this option can always be turned on and off in the options. Still, this addition is really interesting, and many might actually play with this kind of set up.

New and Old Foes

A new Monster Hunter title also means new monsters to hunt, and there are just tons of these fearsome monsters that threaten Kamura Village. To fit the Mythical Japanese theme of MH Rise, these new monsters are all designed to look like yokai like the Izuchi who resembles a Kamaitachi. But of course, MH Rise also has a really badass flagship monster called the Magnamalo. This fearsome monster is the latest addition to the fanged wyvern family whose hostile behavior towards other creature proves to be a threat to others. The Magnamalo has been the talk of fans since the game’s Demo, and many seem to want revenge against this beast.

MH Rise does not only introduce new monsters as fan favorites will also make their reappearance, like the Nargacuga and the Tigrex. My personal favorite, the Zinogre, will also come back for this title!

Prepare for a Rampage

A new quest type is also introduced in MH Rise called the Rampage. In this quest, monsters will try to invade Kamura Village, and it is the hunters’ job to fend them off. In a nutshell, this quest is similar to the Lao-Shan Lung fight, but instead of repelling a single hulking dragon, the hunters must stand ground against a rampaging horde of monsters, preventing them from entering the village. Hunters are accompanied by AI companions during this quest and have access to installations like a ballista to assist them during their defense. But what is fascinating about this Rampage is that there could be many types of monsters during the siege. So expect real mayhem when initiating this quest.

And that’s it! Though there are even more things to look forward to like the Amiibos that are coming along. If you have other things that you are excited for about MH Rise, do share with us in the comments below!

Monster Hunter Rise will release for the Switch this on March 26, 2021