Mechagodzilla Confirmed: Funko reveals the Monsterverse’s official Mechagodzilla design

Funko just confirmed that Mechagodzilla will be in Godzilla vs Kong with the reveal of the official POP! Mechagodzilla figure.

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While the Godzilla VS. Kong trailers made subtle hints about MechaGodzilla’s appearance in the upcoming movie, toy company Funko on the other-hand, spilled the beans about the mecha kaiju’s appearance by showing off their full line of Godzilla vs. Kong Funko POP! toys in their recent tweet.

The MechaGodzilla Funko POP! comes in two variants: one with a metallic finish which is the standard version, and a glow-in-the-dark variant with an atomic breath effect included. The toy is currently not available for pre-order with local retailers yet, so better keep your eyes open when it becomes available.

Meanwhile, it’s quite hard to fully comprehend MechaGodzilla’s overall design since the Funko POP! design morphed the mecha kaiju into a smaller proportion. But what matters the most with the fans is that this reveal just confirmed the speculations that MechaGodzilla will indeed appear in the movie.

All that is left now is if Kevin (Ghidorah) had anything to do with the development of the metal kaiju, and if Godzilla and Kong will truly become enemies in the movies. All of these will be answered when Godzilla vs. Kong debuts on March 31, 2021.