SEGA Etrian Odyssey
SEGA Etrian Odyssey

    gamescom asia 2021 is happening later this year, and it will be a Hybrid event

    Happening on October 14-17.


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    Reunite in Seal M

    While last year’s gamescom asia was postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic, the organizers have announced that gamescom asia 2021 is confirmed, and it is happening as a hybrid event on October 14-17.

    As a hybrid event, gamescom asia 2021 will have a physical event this year, but with strict safety guidelines. Though given that there will likely still be travel restriction in place later this year, there will also be a virtual component for the upcoming event.

    While no specifics have been revealed so far, here’s a rundown of what to expect (via a gamescom asia newsletter):

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    • Guaranteed networking – regardless of whether you are physically at gamescom asia, business matchmaking will still take place through our secured platforms.
    • Live Broadcast – Game launches, shows, and selected event content streamed to a targeted regional and international audience.
    • Hybrid Trade Conference – Games360 and Mobile Gaming Summit will have both in-person and online elements allowing speakers and delegates to participate across the globe.
    • Think wide not just big – new areas of cross promotion, advertising, and sponsorship to bring out the best of your integrated digital and physical activations.

    More info about the event is going to be revealed soon. For the latest, visit the official gamescom asia website.

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    Nicolo Manaloto
    Nicolo Manaloto
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