Genshin Impact ‘Slime Paradise’ will finally go live on the PS4

The Genshin Impact Slime Paradise PS4 version is going live this March 24, meaning PS4 players will finally get to experience the event.

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Genshin Impact Players who opted to play on their PS4 felt a little distraught when they learned that they can’t participate in every Genshin Impact web-event, meaning they miss out on tons of rewards every time a web-event occurs. But now, miHoYo announced that one of those web-events will finally arrive on the PS4. 

The Genshin Impact Slime Paradise PS4 version will finally let PS4 and PS5 players (via backwards compatibility) participate and collect the bounty that they missed. For those who didn’t know about the web-event, Slime Paradise tasks players to make a wonderful park and complete simple activities. By doing so, players are rewarded with Paradise Coins that can be used to buy decorations for the park that generates Paradise Tickets. These decorations also attract monsters that give Paradise Tickets.

You can use Paradise Tickets at the event shop and exchange them for rewards such as Fine Enhancement Ore, Hero Wit, Mora, and of course, Primogems.     

Slime Paradise PlayStation 4 version will start on March 25, 2021, 13:00 (UTC +8). Players who want to participate must be at least Adventurer Rank 10 or above.