Legend of Mana remaster is getting a physical release version for PS4 and Switch

Square Enix has announced that the Legend of Mana HD Remaster is getting a physical release for PS4 and Switch in Asia, complete with freebies.

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Announced back in February, Square Enix has confirmed that the Legend of Mana HD remaster is getting a physical release for the PS4 and Switch in Asia.

The Legend of Mana physical version will come with several bonuses, including a sticker set inspired from the instruction booklet of the original game, as well as download codes for
2 tracks from ‘Legend of Mana Remastered: The Soundtrack’. These download codes will only be available for early purchase physical copies though.

Meanwhile, early purchase of digital copies will come with the following bonuses:

Not familiar with the Legend of Mana remaster? Square Enix describes the game as:

“Legend of Mana is the fourth instalment in the Mana series that originally released in 1999. Now the game is set to return as an HD remastered edition, with high resolution graphics, lovingly redrawn backgrounds, and updated UI.

Legend of Mana is an action RPG where you become the protagonist and embark on adventures in the world of Fa’Diel . At the heart of the story is Mana, the underlying theme of the entire Mana series, whose mysteries are told with a picture book art style accompanied by a whimsical soundtrack.

Using the Land Creation system, you place artifacts on the map to create the world’s towns, forests, and more. People will appear, and new stories will be set in motion. What kind of tale will unfold? That depends on your Land Creation”

The Legend of Mana remaster will release for PS4, Switch, and PC on June 24, 2021.