Nier Replicant Guide: How to get Pink Moonflower Seeds

Wondering how to get 10 Pink Moonflower seeds in Nier Replicant for a certain side quest? Here's a quick guide on what you will need.

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In the “Life in the Sands” side quest of Nier Replicant, players are tasked with getting ten Pink Moonflower Seeds. While this may seem simple enough at first, you’ll soon find out that Pink Moonflower seeds aren’t sold by any shop in the game.

So how do you get them? Well, you’ll need to do a bit of farming and cross-breeding. So if you want to finish the “Life in the Sands Quest”, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get ten Pink Moonflower seeds in Nier Replicant.

1. Make sure you get Extra Garden Space

First off, you need to make sure you have the extra garden space in your home’s garden. This can be gotten by completing the “A Return to Shopping” side quest during the first half of the game. Getting extra space is important as Pink Moonflower seeds are a rare drop.

In case you missed out on the said quest though and are already on the second half, don’t worry as you can instead buy the Cultivator’s Handbook from the Village Florist to getthe extra garden space.

2. Plant Blue Moonflower and Gold Moonflower Seeds in an Alternating Pattern with Bounty Fertilizer

Once you have extra garden space and can plant up to 15 seedlings, what you should do is plant Blue Moonflower seeds and Gold Moonflower seeds in alternating order. Basically, the pattern should be: Blue/Gold/Blue/Gold/Blue for the first row, Gold/Blue/Gold/Blue/Gold for the second, and Blue/Gold/Blue/Gold/Blue again for the third. You can but the Blue and Gold Moonflower seeds from the Aerie Florist.

Before you plant them though, make sure to add Bounty Fertilizer as this will increase your farm yield, even for seeds.

Once done, water each of them. Your garden should look like the image above.

3. Wait two days to Harvest Seeds

Once you have planted the seeds, you’ll need to wait two days before harvesting them. After one day, they will have sprouted, and some of them will have become Indigo Moonflowers (but not all). Don’t harvest them yet at this stage though as you won’t get seeds.

If you don’t want to wait for two actual days, you can try to adjust your system’s clock and move it two days forward, while making sure you are playing offline. Doing so while online will not work.

After around 48 hours (whether or not you adjusted your system’s clock), you should see something like this:

Now is the time to harvest! Harvest these and you should get some Indigo Moonflower Seeds. While only a couple will likely become Indigo Moonflowers, with the Bounty Fertilizer, you should get enough seeds for the next step.

4. Do the same for Red Moonflower and Indigo Moonflower Seeds

Now that you have Indigo Moonflower seeds, the next step is to repeat the farming steps, but with Red Moonflower and Indigo Moonflower seeds in alternating order. The Red Moonflower seeds can also be bought from the Aerie Florist.

After adding fertilizer and planting the seeds, two days will need to pass again.

6. Success!

Some of the flowers should become Pink Moonflowers. Once the two days are over and they have wilted, you should now be able to harvest some Pink Moonflower seeds. Even if only two of the 15 plants become Pink Moonflowers, with the Bounty Fertilizer, you should have around 12 seeds–enough to finish the “Life in the Sands” side quest.

And there you have it! That’s our guide on getting Pink Moonflower seeds in Nier Replicant. For more on the game, you can check out our review HERE.