Riot unveils Breeze, the newest Valorant map

Riot Games recently unveiled Breeze, the newest Valorant map that's set in the Bermuda Triangle, and it releases on April 27.

Riot Games recently revealed the latest Valorant map, and it is called Breeze. This new map is set in the Bermuda Triangle, and it features large open spaces with wide choke points. This means territory control is key, and players must also be ready for long-range engagements given the map’s size.

The new Breeze map is described by Riot as:

The map is a remote island located somewhere within the southern part of the BERMUDA TRIANGLE. Featuring a bright, playful and colorful environment with wide open spaces and opportunities for long range encounters.”

Meanwhile, here are some screenshots of the upcoming Valorant map:

Valorant’s Breeze map releases in the game tomorrow, April 27, 2021.

Alongside the new map, Riot also revealed new details on the Episode 2, Act 3 Battlepass. This pass will run from April 27 to June 21, 2021, and will have the following highlight items:

  • Free Track
    • Lightwave Frenzy and 3 Variants
    • Lucky Rabbit Buddy
    • Lobster? Spray
    • Bloodline Card
    • Paul’s Pizza Party Card
  • Paid Track
    • Lightwave Phantom (Level 25)
    • Depths Vandal (Level 45)
    • Songsteel (melee)
    • Mementos Pt. 1 Card
    • Knife Fight Card
    • Dan the Penguin Buddy
    • Get Carried Buddy
    • Ancient Mysteries Revealed Buddy
    • This is Also Also Fine Spray
    • Dabbing Dan Spray

Finally, Riot gave us more info on the Forsaken weapon skin. This skin will have the following effects on each level:

  • Level 1: Model with custom ADS reticle and custom bullet ejectables
  • Level 2: Custom muzzle flash VFX and fire audio; idle gem effect (gem swirls)
  • Level 3: Custom equip VFX/Audio (cracks appear); custom reload VFX/Audio (cracks appear); custom inspect audio; gem reacts on kill
  • Level 4: Kill Banner and Finisher
  • Level 5: Chroma with gold model and blue VFX (v1); Finisher and Kill Banner are themed based on Sovereign skin

The Forsaken bundle will be available tomorrow, April 27, and is priced at 7100 VP. The bundle includes: Vandal, Operator, Spectre, Classic, Forsaken Ritual Blade (melee), and an accessory bundle which contains a card, spray, and gun buddy.