ViewSonic updates gaming monitor line with 1440p support for PS5

While the PS5 is unable to output in 1440p, ViewSonic has updated select QHD monitors to make them better optimized for the console.

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While using the PS5 on a 4K display is a great experience, even gamers with only 1080p screens will be able to enjoy the benefits of having a next-gen console. Though gamers who have QHD monitors are shortchanged a bit as the PS5 does not support native 1440p output. This means when the PS5 is connected to a QHD display, the console’s output is limited to 1080p–not the best experience. While it should still look good, having no 1440p output means the PS5 won’t be able to take full advantage of a QHD monitor.

In line with this, ViewSonic has announced that it has updated several of its QHD gaming monitors to provide a much better PS5 gaming experience. Specifically, select ViewSonic 1440p displays are now optimized to support 4K signals from the PS5, which it then auto downscales to QHD resolution. Thanks to this, gamers with select ViewSonic 1440p gaming monitors can now enjoy better visuals when playing on PS5.

Here is the list of monitors with expanded QHD support for PS5:

  • Elite XG270QC
  • Elite XG270Q
  • VX2768-2KPC-mhd
  • VX3268-2KPC-mhd
  • VX2705-2KP-mhd/VX2768-2KP-mhd
  • XG2705-2K

While ViewSonic QHD monitor owners will now have a better PS5 gaming experience, we’re still hoping that Sony will add native 1440p support on the console soon. After all, the Xbox Series X and Series S both have native 1440p output support.

For further news and information about ViewSonic, visit their website at and its official Facebook page. ViewSonic is available in the Philippines all authorized stores, Lazada and Shopee.