5 reasons why UMIDIGI Smart Watches are great health companions

You need to watch out for these smart watches.

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It’s been another year of being stuck at home and as with a lot of people I know, the sedentary lifestyle took hold and health has taken a backseat when it should definitely be at the forefront given the still raging pandemic.

That being said, aside from actually exercising and eating right there are invaluable tech tools that will help us get (or stay) on track. In the past 2 years, tech wearables have increased. From smart bands to smart watch and aside from that, the trickling down of technology means that there are far more options now than there were before for devices that are feature-packed but won’t burn a hole in your wallets.

UMIDIGI is one of those brands and the their Smart Watches have the tech that a lot of more expensive brands have.

Here’s a highlight of some from their selection.

1. Constant Heartrate and Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Aside from telling the time, one of the primary functions of a smartwatch is its constant monitoring of your vitals. These include 24/7 Heartrate monitoring and alarm if something is off and given the current situation of the Pandemic, Blood Oxygen Monitoring functions has never been more necessary.

Aside from these two, the UMIDIGI Smart Watch can also monitor sleep patterns giving you a better snapshop of how you rest. But how does all of this manage to keep you healthy? Well…

2. Diverse Sports and Exercise Modes

The UMIDIGI Smart Watches comes with loads of pre-set Sports and Exercise modes. These different modes are expertly crafted so they can monitor your calorie output, tracks your step and better monitor your heart rate during exercise routines. The UMIDIGI UWatch 2S comes with 14 pre-set sports mode while the UMIDIGI URun comes with 17!

You can also wear your UMIDIGI UWatch and URun smart watches when you go for a swim as it can withstand up to 50 meters of underwater pressure.

The UMIDIGI URun also has a built-in GPS system allowing you to leave your phone and any bulk during your run around the village and your smartwatch can accurately track your course.

3. Loooong Battery Life

With all these tech, what use is it if you need to constantly top up and get your batteries drained on a daily basis? Luckily the UMIDIGI Smart Watches runs anywhere from 10 hours to 15 hours depending on the unit model. This 2 week usage per charge ensures that you can get unhindered monitoring more than other smart bands out there.

4. Stylish Options

Some smart watches tend to be a bit gaudy in their design, so it’s a relief that UMIDIGI went with a more subtle minimalist look. Having an trendy oversized 44mm 2.5 D Tempered glass touch screen which you can change watch faces of, these smart watches can easily be customized to your liking. Having up to 3 color variants (at Black, Rose Gold or Pristine White), choose which UMIDIGI UWatch or URun fits your lifestyle.
Also for those who may wondering, the UMIDIGI can work with either an Android Phone or an Apple Device. Hooray for versatility! \o/

5. Price

Finally, the one of the best thing about UMIDIGI is the price. The UMIDIGI UWatch 2S retails for Php 1490 at Shopee Philippines while the more recent version, the 3S retails for Php 2879 and the UMIDIGI URun retails for Php 2990. The great thing is if you time it right, UMIDIGI participates in various Shopee flash sales blitz which can slash as much as 1200+ on a design. Best to keep your eyes on Shopee Philippines for more great tech finds especially this coming PayDay weekend.

For more on UMIDIGI check out their official Store at Shopee Philippines.

This feature was made with the participation of Shopee Philippines.