A New Vision for your Next-Gen Gaming and Binge-Watching with the Huawei Vision S

Huawei is moving towards large screen displays with the Huawei Vision S. Here's why its a great next-gen gaming and binge-watching partner.

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Huawei officially started selling the Huawei Vision S last May 21 – the tech giant’s first foray into the large screen display arena. We’ve had significant amount of time with the Huawei Vision S and have thoroughly enjoyed watching movies and shows on this impressive 55-inch screen 4K LED display.

In case you need more convincing though, here are 4 reasons why the Huawei Vision S is an ideal display for your Next-Gen Gaming and Binge-Watching.


4K Large Display Area at 120Hz Refresh Rate

The Huawei Vision S has a large 55-inch 4K display that has vibrant color output thanks to HDR10 support. While this feature is becoming rather common in today’s big screen options, the increased refresh rate supporting up to 120Hz isn’t. This is where the Huawei Vision S shines and why the next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 could be a good fit.

Because of the increased framerate support, you could get the most framerates out of the games that you play. While sure, you will need an HDMI 2.1 port to be able to play 120FPS in 4K, in reality there are very few games that actually utilizes this new technology.

Also, the large-format displays that do support this would cost anywhere from 3-7x the amount of the Huawei Vision S.

Plus, if you end up using your console to binge-watch on various shows on Netflix, Disney+ (if/when we get service), and YouTube, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy all the 4K content that these platforms have to offer.


Excellent Sound Output

One of the key features that Huawei is proud to showcase with the Huawei Vision S is its pretty impressive sound. For having such a thin frame, they were able to pack four speakers within the Vision S.

These cleverly placed speakers ensure that you get crisp, vibrant and wonderful sounds, whether you’re binge-watching your favorite shows, immersing yourself in an epic movie, being in the thick of the battle when you play your favorite game, or just chilling and vibing to your favorite Spotify playlist.

Plus, the Vision S has a stereo mode where the screen goes to sleep but keeps the unit running and playing your favorite tunes. So yes, you can definitely use the Huawei Vision S as an alternative source for music chillax time.


1080p Camera

One of the differentiating factor of the Huawei Vision S versus other large-format display is the inclusion of an HD (1080p) video camera right out of the box. This easy to install Huawei Camera clips to the center top part of your device so you can, in essence, turn your Huawei Vision S into a really big screen for your Zoom Calls.

While the video cam supports pretty much a wide range of video calling apps, the Huawei MeeTime works best with it as you get to have crystal clear HD video calls with little to no latency issues.

This, ladies and gents, is the future of video conferencing. Oh, and the HD webcam has a very wide angle as well.


Killer Price Point

Perhaps the best part about the Huawei Vision S would be its price point. At PHP 36,999 SRP, the Vision S is priced quite competitively among its peers. The good news is, as this is a fairly new product launched by Huawei, they’re still running a couple of promos on this and if you take advantage of that not only can you get the unit at less the SRP cost, you’ll be treated to a bunch of freebies.

Currently, the 55-inch can be bought at just PHP 32,999 and you can get a FREE Smart Box and a Wireless Microphone worth PHP 8587 in total. The 65-inch one you can get at just Php 49,999 (original SRP at 56,999) and you get TWO wireless mics plus the Smart Box if you purchase it within the promo period.

If you want more on the Huawei Vision S, you can check our full review of this amazing display from Huawei. Or go to their website and check the price and schedule an appointment with them. Huawei has a new vision for displays and we are loving them for it!