Alchemy Stars pre-registration Event on Twitter and New teaser trailer released!

Tencent Games’ Alchemy Stars has received a new trailer on May 1, as well as a special pre-registration event “The Alchemy Stars Express” for players.

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Tencent Games’ upcoming strategy RPG game, Alchemy Stars, which is scheduled to release this summer for iOS and Android has received a new trailer on 1 May. The trailer aims to give an overview of the Illumina Federation, one of the six factions in Astra.

Tencent Games has also announced a special pre-registration event “The Alchemy Stars Express” for players. This event will run from Tuesday, May 4, 2021. Players will start a virtual tour by boarding the Alchemy Stars Express on Twitter. Also, players will be able to unlock a variety of luxury rewards, including Google play cards and Alchemy Stars Gift Box.

Visit Google Play or the Apple App Store and pre-register for Alchemy Stars

Trailer for Illumina Federation Released

The story revolves around the planet of “Auroria”. Auroria is a planet of perpetual equinox, which is unique in a way that it is always day on one side and always night on the other.

On the border between day and night, “Astra” is located there. It features moderate temperature, diurnal cycle, and adequate rainfall for descendants of ancient humans.

There are six factions in Astra, and the first teaser trailer will tell us a story about one of the factions called “Illumina Federation”. You can know more about Illumina Federation through the trailer.

The other five factions, such as “Umbraton”, “R.W.,” “Hidden Realm,” “Eraveil,”and “Lumopolis,” also have their own unique characteristics and will be introduced in the future.

Pre-register campaign on Twitter: Alchemy Stars Express starts at:

Event introduction

This event is a Twitter event which gives an overview of the six factions of the Astra Continent in Alchemy Stars. This event is an online train journey updated on Twitter. It is sure to be an exciting one as you can visit different stations (factions) every week during the event. You can get more details about the characters, roles and the main roles of each state. Also, Players will have the chance to encounter the characters and get character postcards each week.

Get on the Astra Continental Express “Alchemy Stars Express” and set off with Vice, for an adventure into the unknown world of Astra!

  1. The Astra Continental Express “Alchemy Stars Express” and Ticket Released!

The “Alchemy Stars Express” is a virtual concept train that players can take to experience the Astra Continent.

Tencent Games released the conceptual drawing of the “Alchemy Stars Express” and the commemorative train ticket on Alchemy Stars’s official Twitter on April 30. Players can get the unique CDkey from the ticket that will be usable in the game.

Check the official Twitter page and keep the CDkey until it’s available.

  1. The train is approaching its first stop——Illumina Federation

Illumina is located in the underground city, Gannon. It’s a wonderous land featuring a clash of ancient and modern technology.

  1. Character encounter eventConversational card games

The event runs on Twitter from May 4th.

Choose the options below and tweet to get different responses (different character postcards).

To collect a postcard, fans will need to select a character from the weekly character introduction tweet. Once fans have chosen a character option, a tweet will be generated and they’ll receive their character postcard.

(one of the postcards)

Each time a player collects a character postcard they’ll be entered and stand a chance to win a $25 Google Play gift card. At the end of the six-week pre-launch event, Players that have collected all 6 postcards and share them on Twitter using the event hashtag will be entered to win a limited edition Alchemy Stars gift box.

“Alchemy Stars Express” EVENT

Event dates5.1-6.13

Event rewards

  • In-game items (CDkey).
  • Google Play Cards (retweet faction trailer released and participate in character encounter events).
  • An Alchemy Stars Collection Box (participate in the Alchemy Stars Express event for six consecutive weeks. Share all the postcards collected during the journey will get a chance to win an Alchemy Stars Gift Box (limited worldwide total of 15 boxes).

Alchemy Stars will release in Summer 2021 on the App Store and the Google Play Store.