Kalaro is the esports “Super App” that promises to empower Filipino gamers

Kalaro is an esports "Super App" that has a wide variety of features and services aimed at esports fans and pros.

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Back in October, the Kalaro app was officially launched in the Philippines. In case you’re unfamiliar, Kalaro is an esports “Super App” that has a wide variety of features and services aimed at esports fans and pros. Namely, Kalaro offers tournament management, social media, a video hub and more. This makes Kalaro a one-stop-shop for esports, so to speak.

Here’s a breakdown of Kalaro’s features that will help Pinoy gamers:

  1. Tournament Management – With just a few clicks on the Kalaro app, one can take charge of player registration, team formation, bracketing and promotion of multiple tournaments. Managing and scaling eSports competition anytime anywhere has never been this easy. For gamers, they can join in active tournaments with ease and this can serve as their training ground to practice and improve their skills to prepare for more competitive and bigger tournaments in the future.
  2. Brand Integration – Kalaro can be a platform to combine monetization and activation of brand campaigns at the same time. Companies have the opportunity to organically tap the gaming community who are known to support products and services who sponsors eSports events. Gamers and tournament operators can also start building network through Kalaro.
  3. In-app Social Media and Content Browsing – Widen your network with real-time interaction with other gamers while you hone your gaming skills at the same time. There is a bigger chance of discoverability since this will also serve as a social media platform and video hub of the gaming community. Plus! There is an in-app currency made up of gems for cashless transactions and better gaming experience.
  4. In-app Advocacy – Kalaro also promotes work-life balance while driving eSports and public sustainability. One of its goals is to also see gamers gain discipline needed to be recognized as true athletes in the world of eSports. When these things are achieved, more companies will realize the value of using eSports as a teambuilding initiative to develop camaraderie, schools will accept online games as part of their curriculum like in other countries and the government to further support the eSports industry.

Right now, Kalaro has an ongoing promo where 5 million Kalaro gems are up for grabs, and everyone can join. To join, all you need to do is create a free account now and start discovering the various features of the Kalaro app.

For more info on Kalaro, visit the official Kalaro website along with its official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.