The Arena of Valor x Bleach collab event is now live

Garena has announced that the Arena of Valor x Bleach collaboration event is live, and it brings new skins inspired by the cast of the iconic anime.

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Garena has just announced that the new Arena of Valor collaboration with the iconic anime/manga series Bleach has begun! This new AoV collab will feature several skins based off of the iconic cast of characters from Bleach.

The main highlight is probably the new Ichigo Kurosaki skin for Lu Bu. Aside from looking just like Ichigo in the anime/manga, the skin will even feature voice acting by Masakazu Morita, the original voice of Ichigo in the series! The skin will feature is available for players through the Valor Pass S29.

Alongside the Ichigo skin, the AoV x Bleach collab will also feature Byakuya Kuchiki and Toshiro Hitsugaya skins for Murad and Bright respectively. And much like the Lu Bu skin, these special Bleach skins for Murad and Bright also feature voices by Byakuya and Toshiro voice actors Romi Park and Ryotaro Okiayu, respectively.

Finally, Lindis and Annette will each receive new skins inspired by classic Bleach fashion. Lindis will be outfitted in a Shihakusho, the iconic uniform of the soul reapers; and this skin can be claimed for free by all players just by completing in-game missions. Meanwhile, Annette will get a Karakura High School Uniform, which can be obtained through the Valor Pass.

For more info on the Arena of Valor x Bleach collaboration, visit the official AoV pages on Facebook and Twitter.