Altos Computing Announces Altos BrainSphere R685 F5 Server

Altos Computing recently announced its new NVIDIA-Certified server Altos BrainSphere R685 F5 and it is designed to support various AI/DL workloads.

Altos Computing recently announced its new NVIDIA®-Certified server Altos BrainSphere R685 F5, which is equipped with two AMD EPYCTM 7763 CPUs, two NVIDIA ConnectX®-6 network adapters and four NVIDIA RTXTM A6000 GPUs based on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture. The server has been validated with the best configuration for performance, manageability, scalability, and security, enabling academic research and enterprises to support visual computing, simulation, and various AI/DL workloads.

“Altos aiWorks is an AI/DL computing system that includes a computing resources management tool (Altos Accelerator Resource Manager, AARM), which reduces the high-complexity learning threshold faced by AI/DL developers. Powerful computing servers also play an important role. Altos Computing specifically selects the Altos BrainSphere R685 F5 server, which can be equipped with up to eight NVIDIA GPUs. With NVIDIA RTX™ A6000 GPUs, Altos aiWorks accelerates the speed of AI and data model training; with 48 GB of GPU memory, the computing system can quickly process larger images and larger amounts of data.

The worldwide edge computing market is expected to reach USD250.6 billion in 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 12.5%*. As data ingestion grows at the edge, inference and analytics must be performed at the point of action. A secure, reliable, and high-speed network is essential for moving the large amounts of data processed by these workloads. This is where the Altos BrainSphere server comes in.

Altos BrainSphereTM R685 F5 server complies with NVIDIA’s design best practices and has passed a set of certification tests.  As part of the NVIDIA EGX platform, the Altos BrainSphereTM R685 F5 server enables enterprises to meet a variety of demanding workloads, including AI as well as supporting remote collaboration and accelerated graphics in NVIDIA Omniverse™ Enterprise.

Altos Computing is a leading provider of AI and cloud computing technology solutions, combining software and hardware expertise to manufacture unique systems that offer the latest technologies. With these newly NVIDIA-Certified systems, Altos can help our customers speed up computing and overcome challenges.

“Altos is committed to providing customers with the core services of innovative smart technology solutions. We are very pleased to cooperate with NVIDIA and provide NVIDIA-Certified systems to help enterprises perform accelerated computing workloads in a high-performance, manageable, scalable and secure manner. ” said Jackie Lee, president of Altos Computing Inc.