Netflix reveals the opening scene clip of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

At Geeked Week, Netflix has revealed the opening scene of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness prior to its release this July.

At Geeked Week, Netflix has revealed the opening scene clip of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, the upcoming series based on Capcom’s iconic survival-horror series. The new Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness clip follows an incident set in the fictional country of Penamstan. While the clip does not feature Leon and Claire, the opening scene shows he U.S. Army Mad Dogs encounter something rather strange.

Check out the clip here:

Not familiar with the series? Infinite Darkness’ story is described by Netflix as:

“Six years ago (2000), the helicopter belonging to the U.S. special forces who were intervening in the Penamstan civil war fell from the sky. The U.S. Army Mad Dogs, who were in the same battleground, refused orders from the command center to stand their ground and instead went to save survivors of the crash. However, the special forces were already annihilated. The Mad Dogs, led by their captain Jason, were also forced to escape in order to survive.

However, in that place, Jason and his unit saw the supposedly dead special forces moving in strange ways…”

In the present (2006), a hacking incident occurs on a top secret White House file. Four agents, including Leon S. Kennedy and Jason, the “Hero of Penamstan,” are invited to the White House to investigate this incident. However, when the lights suddenly go out, they are forced to take down a horde of mysterious zombies alongside the SWAT team. Afterward, the top secret file is found to be related to a biology laboratory in Shanghai, which Leon and the other three agents decide to investigate for clues. As they head to Shanghai in a cutting-edge submarine, a swarm of rat-like Bio Organic Weapons (B.O.W.) suddenly attacks, pushing them into a life-or-death situation.

Meanwhile, while staying in Penamstan to provide support for refugees, Terra Save staff member Claire Redfield encounters a strange image drawn by a nonverbal boy. Haunted by this drawing, which appears to depict a victim of viral infection, Claire starts her own investigation. She eventually finds a terrifying experiment that was conducted during the Penamstan civil war. Leon and Claire draw closer to an unimaginable truth that all began in Penamstan. They also discover that a terror that can shatter peace is slowly approaching…”

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness will release globally on Netflix on July 8, 2021.