Bloodborne PS1 Demake showcases Father Gascoigne Boss Battle

Bloodborne PS1 Demake showcases the second boss Father Gascoigne and it looks gorier and is complete with a retro version of the Boss BGM.

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The ongoing Bloodborne PS1 Demake project by Lillith Walther just showcased new work-in-progress gameplay featuring the boss battle with Father Gascoigne. The demake, being faithful to the original, retains the game’s cutscene (albeit with downgraded visuals) and uses the same voice-over. The Gascoigne boss battle is not only faithful to the original game through its cutscene, but it also retains the same movement and combat in its gameplay; it even added a button prompt when Gascoigne is open for a Visceral Attack.

Lillith Walther has been working on this Bloodborne PS1 Demake for quite a time now, with constant updates on the current progress through Youtube and Twitter. It utilizes a PS1 style visual with a retro-style version of the original BGM completing the feel of a PS1 game. Weirdly enough, the Bloodborne Demake looks gorier compared to the original (at least for me).

There is no word yet on a release date or if they will release a demo but there is a word that they won’t be demaking the entire game. You can follow Lillith Walther’s progress through Youtube channel.