Everything you need to know for Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming D&D-themed expansion

Complete card list and new mechanics to sink your sword into.

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A brand-new and exciting expansion for Magic: The Gathering is just around the corner! The most popular collectible card game in the world just teamed-up with arguably the most recognized name in tabletop RPG with their upcoming set Dungeons and Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (thank you Hasbro). The full list of spoilers for the cards were recently revealed and with it are some interesting mechanics that add a bit of D&D flavor to your card-chucking. Let’s check them out now.



The new expansion will bring 12 Enchantment cards that has the new subtype called Class. This is somehow similar to the Saga Enchantment cards from previous expansions, but for this one, if you have the mana to spend it you can immediately get to level 3. For example: after casting the card as normal, during your turn (at sorcery speed) you can “level-up” by paying its next-level cost, gaining both the new and previous abilities.

For those wondering, you can have multiple Class Enchantment cards on the battlefield, as they are not considered legendary. Yey for multi-class!



It wouldn’t be Dungeons and Dragons after all without rolling some D20’s! In the game, the mechanic is mainly used to determine a specific effect based on the card. For those who’ve been collecting MTG dice and is used to getting the spindown life counter, for this expansion they are suggesting that you use a regulation RPG dice where the number values on the faces are spread randomly and evenly. You can get those D20 dice easily on your local hobby stores. Additionally, Magic: The Gathering will also roll out these types of dice in one of their gift bundles.



Versatility with ‘Flavor Words’

In true D&D fashion, some cards give you some options on how you want to use it. Though this versatile mechanic is not new to Magic (hello Cryptic Command), the way they worded the cards is more akin to the Dungeons and Dragons theme.


Venturing into the Dungeon

The expansion’s namesake give us DUNGEONS! 3 new Dungeons to be exact. Using the “Venture Mechanic” from a lot of the cards you’ll be seeing in the game, they will allow you to choose and start from one of the three cards seen above (starting from the top room) or continue to go down to the dungeon’s next available room. As you might expect, both venturing and finishing these Dungeons can grant you some great loot.



Pre-release games will start first on July 8 digitally with Magic Online and Magic: The Gathering Arena. For those who prefer to play and collect the physical versions of the cards, pre-release events will happen at your friendly local game stores starting July 16 (store locator here).

Dungeons and Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will launch officially on July 23.


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