Indiana Jones’ actual Fedora yields over $300K at a recent auction

The iconic Indiana Jones' fedora that was worn by Harrison Ford during the film was sold at a high price, surpassing the estimated price.

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Movie memorabilia are true relics sought after by fans and collectors alike, especially when that prop is something that the main actor used during the film. It can fetch incredibly high prices depending on how iconic that piece is, and such was the case for Indiana Jones’ Fedora during an auction.

The Fedora that Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) wore during the second film Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom was sold for a whopping USD 375,000 (PHP 18,321,750) in an auction held in Los Angeles. 

Despite the Fedora being worn by Indiana Jones in the second film (which is not well received by fans compared to the first and the third), the prop itself is very iconic among fans and considered to be synonymous to Indiana Jones, along with his whip and fear of snakes. So fans of the movie franchise will definitely do everything just to get their hands on any of Indy’s relics (not including the fear of snakes).   

Digging and getting hold of such relics from the Indiana Jones film can attract much attention, especially when there are now talks about the fifth film in the franchise with Harrison Ford reprising his role as Indy. Though there are no details about what this latest Indiana Jones movie all about. But regardless, we are all curious about what will be the next and perhaps the last adventure of the legendary Archaeologist.

 Source: Screenrant