Nexon announces new ‘City of Gold’ Season 8 update for Kartrider Rush+

The new City of Gold Season 8 update for Kartrider Rush+ is now here, and it includes new Karts, characters, modes, five original tracks and more.

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NEXON has announced that KartRider Rush+ has a new season update that’s now live called “City of Gold.” This new update includes new Karts, characters and five original tracks. The new tracks include: “Boulder Dash” (Gold), “Louie’s Dollhouse” (Castle), “Dragon’s Lake” (China), “Falcon’s Reach” (Gold) and “Dino Boneyard” (Jurassic), all of which are available for free via the App Store and Google Play.

The new Kart designs will mirror the new season’s theme and will include:

  • Supercycle – Also known as Justice Bike
  • Royal Chariot – The sentinel of the golden civilization
  • Purrowler – With the secret power of ancient
  • Mantis – The most legendary kart of the season

On top of these, the new KartRider Rush+ City of Gold update will also include a new mode called “ghost mode.” In this mode, players will be able to experience the optimal drift without worrying about crashing or bumping into other players. Players will also be able to share their memorable racing moments in the “Snapshots Gallery,” plus the “Home Interior” is now added to Home system which players can decorate. Plus a new item in item race has also been added called “Teleporter” which enables players to teleport to a 5th racer.

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