Persona 25th anniversary this September teases seven new projects

"A year of Persona news, events, and more!"

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The Persona series by Atlus will be having its 25th anniversary this September. And what better way to celebrate this event is by a new website reveal, teasing 7 (YES SEVEN) new projects coming up on the horizon!

Here’s the official Tweet by ATLUS West:

“Stay tuned for a year of Persona news, events, and more!”

For now, no specific details were spilled but its safe to say that Persona 6 should be one of them! On a much more realistic note, I do hope they port Persona 5 Royal on the Nintendo Switch. This would make sense since they did release Persona 5 Strikers on the console. For the die-hard fans of the franchise, I’m pretty sure they’ll take what they can get, right?

Check out the teaser site here.