Aerith looks stunning in her red dress, but she needs a steel chair

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Square Enix just revealed that they will release a Play Arts Kai variant of its Aerith Gainsborough figure, specifically in her red dress coming straight from the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Whether digitally or in action figure form, Aerith is definitely a looker. Check out the images below (courtesy Square Enix Store):


From Square Enix:

Aerith, from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, makes her appearance in the PLAY ARTS KAI action figure line, clad in her extravagant red dress from the Wall Market section of the game!
Our designers spared no detail in recreating Aerith in her gorgeous attire – from the beautiful waves in her hair, to the jewelry adorning her neck and wrist, and all the way down to the tips of her toes. Her facial features and expressions are even more glamorous to set it apart from her every-day look. Different parts of her skirt utilize varying materials to maintain the look of light flowing fabric, while still allowing for versatile posing. Among her accessories are interchangeable face and hand pieces, to give Aerith a gleeful look; plus, the face pieces on the standard version of Aerith can be attached to this dress version of the figure as well.

As expected with Play-Arts Kai, expect the figure to be highly articulate. Included in the package are a few expected accessories like some extra hands, a face swap and a stand to aid the figure in various poses. The additional bells and whistles are nice, but we all know what the fans really want…


Yes. It would be a shame for Square Enix not to include a steel chair accessory am I right? The figure is still in its pre-order phase, so there’s plenty of time to add this little bit of detail.


Alternatively, if you want your Aerith to be more lady-like, they are also offering a Static Arts version. Though obviously lacking in articulation, this figure ups the notch in terms of detail. Losing the movable joints also adds a cleaner touch as well.

This Play Arts Kai version of Aerith will release in June 2022 for roughly $155 usd. Her static figure will come out a the same time and will cost a bit more at $180 usd. You can pre-order through their official website here.


Now, since Squeenix is on a roll with these character variants, it is more likely that we will see this version of Cloud as well. The company just gave us hope.

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