In pictures: Tales of Arise Collector’s Edition

Is it worth getting?

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Tales of Arise, Bandai Namco’s latest JRPG from their beloved ‘Tales’ series is back and ready for a next-get audience. While we can talk praises about how the game looks really gorgeous on the PlayStation 5 and how its fast-paced action RPG system being fluid and on-point, its best to read about our detailed review here. For this article though, its all about checking the collectors edition and asking… Is this worth shelling your hard-earned $200? (Short answer: YES)

For those who are still on the fence, let’s take a look at the physical components and find out!

(Warning: Image-heavy)

Loving the colors on this box sleeve here.


Tales of Arise full game and Steelbook



A 64-page Artbook showcasing the game’s characters and lore. A nice addition to your coffee table book collection.

An exclusive 18cm diorama representing Alphen and Shionne

The diorama looks highly detailed and can act as a definitive centerpiece to your Tales collection. The only feedback I got from this was that the figure can prove to be a bit difficult to assemble because of the intricate parts.


The Collector’s Edition seems a tad-bit more expensive than your usual CE’s – with all the  stuff you might find in similar bundles. But the aesthetics of it and the way they are presented (especially the box and the highly-detailed diorama) make every cent of your money worth it.

Tales of Arise is out now for the PS4, PS5, PC Xbox One and Xbox Series. Here’s our official review for the game.

Special thanks to Aljan James Mendoza (@listentomyblues on Instagram) for sharing his copy with UnGeek!


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