Konami unveils the Yu-Gi-Oh Ultimate Kaiba Set, featuring Kaiba’s briefcase and deck

    A must-have for the biggest of Yu-Gi-Oh fans!


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    To celebrate Yu-Gi-Oh 25th Anniversary, Konami unveiled the Ultimate Kaiba Set, a collectible package that includes Seto Kaiba’s briefcase and deck.

    Specifically, the briefcase is an accurate recreation of Seto Kaiba’s signature briefcase. Weighing 8 kilograms, the briefcase has a total of 14 separators, and can store up to 7000 Yu-Gi-Oh cards. The briefcase also includes a duel mat inside, and an “Original 25th Anniversary Logo” stamped on the case.

    Check out the images of this special Yu-Gi-Oh set here:

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    Aside from the briefcase, this special Yu-Gi-Oh set will include a 61-card deck, 58 of which are Ultra Rare cards. The other three are Kaiba’s signature Blue Eyes White Dragon cards which are Secret Rare.

    Though in the deck, there are three new cards that are taken from the Yu-Gi-Oh anime. These three cards are:

    • Attack Guidance Armor (Trap Card)
    • Life Shaver (Trap Card)
    • Magical Trick Mirror (Trap Card)

    The Yu-Gi-Oh Ultimate Kaiba Set will be available for pre-order in Japan from September 21 to October 31, 2021 on the Konami Style web store with a price of JPY 33,000 (around USD 300 or PHP 15,000). The set will then release on April 2022. Currently though, there’s no word yet on if this special Yu-Gi-Oh set will release internationally.

    Sources: Nmia, Siliconera

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