New PS5 system update enables M.2 SSD expansion slot, adds 3D Audio for TV speakers, and more

    The new PS5 System Update releases globally soon.


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    Following the software beta last July, PlayStation has just announced that the latest PS5 system software update will enable the console’s M.2 SSD expansion slot, add 3D Audio support for TV speakers, and more. This new update will roll out globally starting tomorrow, September 15 (though specific update release time will vary by country).

    The biggest highlight of the new update is that it enables the console’s M.2 SSD expansion slot. While all PS5 consoles have this slot, before the release of this update, this expansion bay is not usable, meaning even if you fit an M.2 SSD inside, the console won’t recognize it as additional storage.

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    The M.2 SSDs must meet the minimum performance and size requirements by PlayStation so that it can be used to store PS5/PS4 games and apps. PlayStation also recommends the use of a heatsink for effective heat dissipation.

    Here’s how to install an SSD on the PS5:

    Aside from enabling the M.2 SSD expansion slot, the system software update also adds 3D Audio support for TV speakers, meaning 3D Audio won’t be limited to just headphones; though 3D Audio still won’t support external stereo or surround sound speakers.

    This upcoming update also has UX enhancements, including Control Center customization, Enhanced Game Base, Game Library and Home Screen updates, and more.

    For the full details on the new PS5 system update, visit the official PlayStation Blog.

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