Champions Start from Within – Razer’s attempt to keep you in Prime Shape

Champions Start from Within is Razer's new program in collaboration with health experts that lets gamers focus on a healthy gaming lifestyle.

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Gaming is fun for sure, but unfortunately, gamers usually tend to be too focused on keeping that Rank to the point of forgetting to take care of themselves. Long hours of gaming lead to a bad sitting posture, skipping food, and even being “salty” can put an emotional burden on a person. So Razer, in an effort to keep Pro-Esports athletes and amateurs in their prime shape, launched the Champion Start From Within program, an esports wellness program that promotes healthy and sustainable gaming habits for every gamer. 

A healthy Player Always wins

Razer’s the Champions Start from Within program will include videos, articles, contacts, and events. To help Razer, in this movement they collaboratee with expert psychologists, physical therapists, nutritionists giving advice and practices to a healthy lifestyle while keeping that competitive spirit within. 

Stay in top of your Game

The Champion Start Within program will focus on four key “verticals” to help players get back on track to their prime – physical activity, mental health, sleep, and nutrition. Lining up with multiple tasks, events, activities with assistance from professionals supervising aspiring athletes to a stress-free gaming experience.

All can be viewed through the official Razer™ Champions Start from Within web portal.

This all includes the following:

  1. Articles and videos providing advice and tips on how to take care of yourself physically and mentally while grinding for that next big tournament.
  2. Panel discussions to shed light on the mental and physical demands of esports, as well as guidance and support for athletes. The panels will include experts in esports health and wellness such as Dr. Jordan Tsai, Esports Physical Therapist at Respawn TherapyCrystal Mills, a former pediatric trauma surgical technologist who is currently the VP of content for leading gamer health and wellness brand Ritual MotionDr. Drew Schwartz, chiropractic physician for For The Wellness, as well as professional esports athletes from Team Razer, which consists of top esports organizations from around the world.
  3. One-on-one access to Razer’s partner experts through an appointment system where gamers can set up meetings with physical therapists, doctors, and other professionals that are tailored to their individual needs.

Special webinars and wellness workshops will also be held during gaming events supporting esports and gaming communities:

  1. A dedicated Razer Wellness Webinar slated for November 2021, featuring experts in the esports wellness industry. Open to the public, the webinar plans to educate and bring about more awareness and support to esports players.
  2. Ritual Motion Webinar – where we discuss tips and tricks for healthier gaming.

Champions Start from Within is now live with helpful articles from Ritual Motion that are also accompanied by a series of videos from Respawn Therapy, together with Razer which aims for a healthy physical and mental gaming experience.