Five features that make the ViewSonic XG2431 a worthy monitor upgrade

If you're looking for a new main display or an additional monitor, here are five features that make the ViewSonic XG2431 a worthy choice.

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It has been a busy year for ViewSonic Philippines as the brand has released several new monitors in the country, one of which is the XG2431. This 24-inch monitor may not seem like a true gaming display given its subdued styling, but make no mistake, it packs a ton of features that are sure to satisfy gamers, all while having a price tag that won’t break the bank.

So, if you’re looking for a new gaming display for your PC, or if you’re on the hunt for an additional monitor to finally get that dual monitor setup, here are five features that make the ViewSonic XG2431 a worthy choice.

Incredibly Fast Refresh Rate

If you look for gaming monitors that are priced at PHP 20k or less, you’ll see displays that have 144Hz or 165Hz refresh rates. These are not bad at all, but they’re not as fast as the XG2431 with its impressive 240Hz refresh rate. This, coupled with the monitor’s fast 1ms response time makes it a great match for lovers of esports titles – especially first-person shooters. This is because a high refresh rate has a proven effect on gaming performance for these kinds of gamers. So, if you’re a serious esports gamer, you’ll definitely appreciate having this fast a refresh rate.

IPS Panel for more Vibrant Colors

Usually, gaming monitors with a refresh rate this fast use a TN panel. While TN panels are fine enough, they often look a bit flat color-wise, and their viewing angles are quite narrow; this is not ideal for players who want a dual monitor setup.

The XG2431 is different, though, as it uses an IPS panel. In case you’re unfamiliar, an IPS panel is generally considered as the best LCD display type as it has the widest viewing angle, and it produces the most vibrant colors. Thanks to this, the XG2431 should be an excellent match for eye-catching triple-A games, as well as for binge-watching your favorite movies and shows.

FreeSync Premium for tear-free gaming

Having a fast refresh rate is great and all, but what makes the gaming experience even better is a lack of screen tearing. If you’re not familiar, screen tearing is basically certain frames in games that seem cut or torn; this is due to the game’s framerate and refresh rate not being in sync.

With FreeSync Premium though, the XG2431 will provide a tear-free and smoother overall gaming experience for PC gamers that have AMD graphics cards on their rigs. If you’re using a Radeon GPU, getting the XG2431 is practically a no-brainer, especially if you’re coming from a lower end monitor.

Great Match for Xbox Series X|S

FreeSync Premium is supported on AMD Radeon GPUs. Did you know what else has an AMD chip? The new Xbox Series X|S has one! And yes, the latest Xbox has variable refresh rate (VRR) support, meaning you’ll get a screen tear-free gaming experience if you’re playing a Series X|S game while on the new ViewSonic display.

As a bonus, there are also several games that support fast refresh rates even on console. So, if you play these games on Series X|S, you’ll enjoy them even more while on the XG2431.

Sleek and Practical Design

Finally, the ViewSonic XG2431 is a sleek-looking monitor. Sure, it may not have the aggressive “gamer” styling of other displays, but its clean look means it will match a wider range of gaming rigs. Plus, the monitor was designed with practicality in mind as it features a flexible stand that has a good amount of tilt and adjustability. On top of these, the monitor also has nifty cable management additions, as well as a generous number of ports for great connectivity.

Interested in getting your own XG2431? This 24-inch gaming display is available now for PHP 18,995 on in selected authorized dealers, and the official ViewSonic Lazada and Shopee stores.