Marci from Dota: Dragon’s Blood is the next Dota 2 hero

    We're looking forward to seeing her in action!


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    At final day of The International 10, Valve announced that Marci from Dota: Dragon’s Blood is the next upcoming hero in Dota 2.

    Marci was revealed to be the next Dota hero via a trailer which features animation by Studio Mir (the studio that animated the recent Dota Netflix series). While the trailer features some nice animated sequences, it did not show off Marci’s in-game abilities yet.

    Check out the trailer for Marci here:

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    In case you’re unfamiliar, Marci is a character which was introduced in the Dota: Dragon’s Blood animated series which released earlier this year on Netflix. Marci serves as a loyal companion of Mirana in the series, as they accompany Davion, the Dragon Knight to stop Terrorblade.

    If you’ve seen watched the series, you probably know that Marci has incredible physical strength. Given this, Marci might be a Strength hero, and possibly a carry hero given her skills in the Dota animated series aren’t exactly of the supportive kind.

    What we are pretty sure of is that Marci will not have much in the way of voice lines as she’s mute in the series.

    Marci is set to release in Dota 2 in Fall 2021, though currently, there’s no word yet on a specific release date.

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