Square Enix announces Dungeon Encounters at Tokyo Game Show 2021

Square Enix has announced Dungeon Encounters, a new dungeon-crawler RPG, at Tokyo Game Show 2021, and it releases on October 14.

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Square Enix has announced Dungeon Encounters, a new dungeon crawler RPG, at its Tokyo Game Show 2021 online showcase. This new single player RPG will release next week for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

This upcoming dungeon crawler is directed by the Final Fantasy series’ Hiroyuki Ito, and is produced by Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age’s Hiroaki Kato. The game will feature 100 levels that promise to challenge players and test their strategic skills.

For gameplay, Dungeon Encounters will feature 2D grid-based movement on a fairly simple looking field that looks like something out of a basic tabletop RPG. As for combat, Dungeon Encounters will feature the classic Final Fantasy-style Active Time Battle (ATB) system. The game will also feature a range of fantasy-inspired characters that players can use to customize their teams.

On top of these, the game’s characters feature designs by character designer Ryoma Ito, and its soundtrack is overseen by legendary musical director Nobuo Uematsu.

Dungeon Encounters will release on Nintendo Switch and PS4 on October 14, 2021, with the game’s PC version releasing on Steam on October 15, 2021.

Pre-orders for the game are available now digitally on the Nintendo Switch eShop and Steam, with a 20% discount being available on both platforms from the pre-order period until October 28 (October 29 for Steam). Meanwhile, the game will release on the PlayStation Store for the PS4 (and PS5 via backwards compatibility) with a 20% discounts until October 28.