MSI is celebrating the Christmas season with the Holiday Bundles promo

    Buy any MSI laptop and get exclusive MSI freebies in this new promo.


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    To celebrate the Christmas season, MSI has announced its Holiday Bundles promo runs from November 15, 2021 to December 31, 2021, and it features big freebies on a range of MSI devices.

    Specifically, this promo will feature bundled freebies on a wide range of MSI laptops, be it from  the various MSI Gaming Series to the Business and Productivity lines, and even the MSI Creator lineup for content creators.

    With MSI’s Holiday Bundles, every purchase of any MSI laptop comes with exclusive freebies worth up to PHP 10,000, including MSI Lootbox Headset, Seagate 1TB External HDD, Prestige Polo & Mouse, Gaming Jacket, Gaming Water Bottle, and more.

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    Here’s a rundown of the MSI bundles that are up for grabs in the promo:

    • Bundle A: Lootbox Headset + Gamign Jacket + Gaming Mousepad
      • PHP 9,900 value
    • Bundle B: MSI Pouch + Gaming Mousepad + Gaming Jacket + Gaming Water Bottle
      • PHP 7,000 value
    • Bundle C: Gaming Mouse + Gaming Mousepad
      • PHP 2,900 value
    • Bunlde D: Seagate 1TB External HDD + Prestige Polo + Porcelain Cup + Prestige Mouse
      • PHP 8,800 value
    • Bundle E: Prestige Mouse
      • PHP 2,000 value

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    Meanwhile, here’s the list of laptops that are part of the promo, along with their respective bundles

    • GS Series – Bundle A
    • GE Series – Bundle A
    • GP Series – Bundle A
    • GL Series – Bundle A
    • Kanata GF Series – Bundle B
    • Thin GF Series – Bundle C
    • Delta 15 – Bundle A
    • Alpha 15 – Bundle B
    • Bravo 15 – Bundle C
    • Creator Series – Bundle D
    • Modern Series – Bundle E

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    For more information about this new MSI holiday promo for 2021, visit the official website.

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