SEGA Etrian Odyssey
SEGA Etrian Odyssey

    Riot Games teams up with PH and SG artists for custom Arcane art toys

    In celebration of the release of Arcane, the first League of Legends animated series.


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    Reunite in Seal M

    To celebrate the release of Arcane, Riot Games Southeast Asia is collaborating with local artists in Singapore and The Philippines to give away custom-made Arcane art toys!

    These custom collectibles are made by local artists in SG and PH, and they are each the artists’ interpretations of Arcane’s characters on classic LEGO minifigures.

    Here’s a look at the five Arcane art toys, along with the artists that created them:

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    Vi by Ah Vin

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    Jayce by Clifford

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    Caitlyn by Arai Kreva

    Jinx by CaramelAw

    Vi by WetWorks

    “The League of Legends champions in Arcane are very close to the hearts of players and fans. To celebrate the release of Arcane, we wanted to bring these characters to life through various tangible mediums and we’re incredibly excited to collaborate exclusively with Southeast Asian artists to capture their take on Arcane on these one-of-a-kind toy collectibles,” said G. Justin Hulog, General Manager of Riot Games for Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

    The giveaway will be hosted on Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra’s Southeast Asian Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, as well as on the various artists’ social channels from 15-26 November 2021. Five winners will receive a custom toy collectible of their choice.

    You can join the giveaway at the following pages:

    Act 1 and 2 of Arcane is now streaming on Netflix. The third and final act will release on November 20, 2021.

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