Sneak Peek at the SNK ATK x MLBB (Mobile Legends) Vol 2 collection

Dropping on Dec 19! Check the entire collection here!

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SNK ATK has just unveiled its latest collaboration with Mobile Legends, and it is dropping on the 19th of December 2021. Dubbed as Volume 2, the partnership between artisan tactical streetwear fashion brand, SNK ATK (pronounced “Sneak Attack”) and popular mobile MOBA phenomenon, Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang creates a new set of wonderfully crafted capsule collection for the discerning MLBB fan.

When the first collection centered around the Big 515 2021 community event of Mobile Legends (adopting various Key Visuals and Heroes from the celebration like Brody, Selena and Chou), Volume 2 lets SNK ATK Design Labs Enterprise Inc. do what they do best and create from the ground up.

“I wanted to create a collection that tackled functional apparel with our outerwear, but also showcase the vibrance and variety of Mobile Legends: Characters in our graphic pieces”, said Psalm Alfafara, Creative Director at SNK ATK. “Finding that perfect mix between accessible technical clothing and making it inclusive for all fans was a challenge – something we were always eager to take on as a design company and the team really came together to deliver quality merchandise for fans.”

The new collection will center on the mix of bold prints with various technical outerwear and SNK ATK’s first foray into ‘toys’ and accessories. Aside from utilizing new characters this time around as well as bold prints, SNK ATK wanted to infuse a lot of functionality to the collection — a lot of the outerwear will have wind and water resistant properties.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang official merchandise collection by SNK ATK is made up of the following items:

  • “Bang Bang” Flight Jacket (Legend Black & Null Green) – 3,499 PHP
  • Tactical Windbreaker (Black & Olive Green) – 2,499 PHP
  • Utility Cap (Black) – 749 PHP
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Logo Hoodie (White & Navy Blue) – 1,949 PHP
  • “Diggie” Transforming Plushie Toy & Neck Pillow – 1,299 PHP
  • “Hanabi” Graphic T-shirt (Black & Olive Green) – 949 PHP
  • “Ling” Graphic T-shirt (Black & Olive Green) – 949 PHP
  • “Gusion” Graphic T-shirt (Black & Navy Blue) – 949 PHP
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Reversible Bucket Hat (Black & White Sides) – 749 PHP

We got the chance to take a look at the entire collection and we are pretty much hyped up for this. I personally want to get a hold of the Diggie Plushie as I pretty much main support and mage type characters. Here’s the entire collection of SNK ATK X MLBB Volume 2:

The collection will be released on December 19, 2021 on the SNK ATK Lazada store for Philippine orders and the website for international orders. All apparel are designed and handcrafted in the Philippines, with unique artwork and designs used on the outerwear and t-shirts.

For more on the collection, don’t forget to follow them at their official social media pages and check their official site out.