Sonic Frontiers announced at Game Awards 2021

The Game Awards 2021 has provided a variety of World Premieres, including Sonic Frontiers, a new Sonic open world.

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The Game Awards 2021 has provided a variety of World Premieres in several genres, a few of which were some new open-world titles, including Sonic Frontiers. This new SOnic looks to steer the franchise in a new direction with a different feel while maintaining the classic Sonic aesthetic.

Watch the reveal trailer for the game here:

The trailer showcases a lush, sprawling landscape reminiscent of many of the popular sandbox adventure titles as of late. The Sonic franchise has been popular for its high-paced side-scrolling action since its inception, with a few other titles such as Sonic Colors: Ultimate featuring a more platformer style of gameplay. Frontiers definitely looks to revitalize the series by presenting it from a different, more “open” perspective.

Sonic Frontiers is scheduled to be released for the holiday season 2022.