VSinger IRyS will collab with D4DJ featuring her song Here Comes Hope

VSinger IRyS of Hololive English will collab with D4DJ featuring Here Comes Hope as a playable song, as well as some special IRyS themed items

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Hololive EN’s VSinger IRyS will grace the anime rhythm game D4DJ Groovy Mix EN in a special collaboration featuring her original song “Here Comes Hope” as a playable song on the game’s library. 

The special collab will start on December 26, 2021 till January 1, 2022. Aside from featuring the aforementioned song, the collab will also let players collect special IRyS-themed club items and energy drinks during the campaign period. Also, according to the tweet, IRyS will have a D4DJ Livestream soon highlighting the collaboration. 

IRyS is part of Hololive EN’s Project: HOPE as the branch’s VSinger debuting outside of any generation, much like HoloJP’s (INoNaka Music) Virtual Diva AZKi.But compared to her senpai, IRyS does game streams more often like Titanfall, Minecraft, and even beating Megaman 2 in a 7-hour stream. She also collabs frequently with her fellow Hololive EN and JP members, which leads to a running gag that she is actually part of HoloJP since she can speak Japanese fluently. 

D4DJ Groovy Mix EN is available for free download on both Android and iOS devices.