New OPPO Air Glass Makes You Live Your Saiyan Fantasies

What a way to start the year! OPPO showcasing the power of Augmented/ Assisted Reality with the new OPPO Air Glass.

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During the OPPO INNO Day 2021, the day when OPPO revealed a host of new innovative gadgets for 2022 but one gadget that piqued our geeky interest is this nifty assisted reality (aR) device from OPPO that looks like you’re reading someone’s power level from Dragon Ball Z, the OPPO Air Glass.


The OPPO Air Glass reportedly is equipped with OPPO self-developed Spark Micro Projector, cutting-edge Micro LED, and a bespoke diffraction optical waveguide display – supports four different user interactions through touch, voice, head movement, and hand motion, allowing users to have faster and easier access to the information they need.

“OPPO has been exploring the possibilities of Extended Reality (XR) for a long time, and with Air Glass, we have finally created a smart glass product that is truly within the reach of consumers,” said Levin Liu, OPPO Vice President and Head of OPPO Research Institute. “As its futuristic design suggests, OPPO Air Glass is set to revolutionize the way we view and consume information. The easy-to-use display can present key messages we need right in front of our eyes. With OPPO Air Glass, the world will never look the same again.”

The OPPO Air Glass can be fitted on only one side of the face — adopting what OPPO is calling a “monocle waveguide design”. Frankly, it resembles a sleeker, less bulky Scouter from Dragon Ball Z. You know, the one Vegeta crushed after checking Goku’s power levels go over 9000?

W-w-what is this…powaaah?!!

The OPPO Air Glass is light enough weighing at only 30g and finished with exquisite CNC technique atop its equally exquisite sleek design, the device is can easily be integrated whether you’re using it indoors or outdoors.

What sets the OPPO Air Glass apart from other smart glasses in the market is the use of actual AR or XR technology especially with OPPO’s proprietary Spark Micro Projector — one of the most compact projection systems in the industry of merely 0.5cc, or roughly the size of a coffee bean. The projector is powered by a cutting-edge Micro LED, which has a brightness of up to 3 million nits — so you can easily wear the OPPO Air Glass regardless of the environment you’re in.

Furthermore, the OPPO Air Glass can be controlled with your OPPO Watch 2 or any OPPO Smartphone with Color OS 11 or above versions. Pairing the Air Glass with the Watch 2 enables you to control the device using gesture movements opening a whole new way of interaction. The OPPO Air Glass can even recognize head movements like subtle nod gestures or head shakes to cancel, things that make us more exceedingly connected to our device/s.

But perhaps, aside from quickly getting information and seeing on the OPPO Air Glass, one of the more practical application of this smart device is you can use it as a mini teleprompter. Imagine having the ease and convenience of having your notes projected on your lens immediately which may help you conduct your work presentation with much ease. This, I feel, is where the OPPO Air Glass truly shines. It even has a language translate feature which will come in handy for foreign travels and/or conventions.

According to the PR sent by OPPO, once paired, voice input from one user will be automatically translated into target language texts, and then immediately displayed on the other user’s Air Glass. Air Glass now supports Mandarin Chinese-English two-way translation, and Mandarin Chinese-Japanese and Mandarin Chinese-Korean will be offered soon in future.

That is mind-boggling!

While we don’t have a local release date yet, the OPPO Air Glass is due to launch in Q1 of 2022 for the Chinese Mainland Market. Hopefully it rolls out here after a couple of months.

The device will be available in two colors Black or White, along with two custom frame accessories. If the device becomes successful enough, here’s hoping OPPO creates a formal collaboration with Akira Toriyama and the Dragon Ball Z franchise. I’d love to have this in the classic Scouter colors with translucent red or green lenses.

To know more about OPPO Air Glass and OPPO’s new innovations, you can visit OPPO’s official website at or via official Facebook page at OPPO Philippines.