PSVR 2 is reportedly going in mass production soon

    Could we see PSVR 2 launch later this year?


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    According to XR Hardware Analyst Brad Lynch, the PSVR 2 is reportedly going in mass production soon.

    Specifically, Lynch tweeted that Chinese manufacturer Goertek will be in charge of producing PSVR 2, according to his source named 黑毛警长008 — a Chinese supply chain analyst.

    If this report is accurate, then we can probably see a mid-late 2022 release for PlayStation’s next-generation VR platform.

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    Aside from this report, PlayStation has also recently confirmed the name PlayStation VR2 at CES 2022, and revealed new details about the new headset and controllers.

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    In case you missed the said reveal, the PSVR 2 controller includes the following features:

    • Adaptive Triggers – Each controller will include an adaptive trigger button similar to the DualSense’s L2 and R2 triggers.
    • Haptic Feedback – Much like the DualSense, the PSVR 2 controller will let players enjoy enhanced vibration which can mimic different textures and other feedback.
    • Finger Touch Detection – The controller will be able to detect fingers without any pressing, meaning players will be able to make more natural gestures during gameplay.
    • Tracking – The controller will be tracked by the VR headset itself instead of needing a camera.
    • Action Buttons and Analog Sticks – Each controller has an analog stick, two face buttons, a shoulder, and a trigger button. The left and right controller will also have the Create and Share button, respectively.

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    If the PSVR 2 does indeed go into mass production soon and gets a 2022 release, here’s hoping that it will be easier to find than the PS5. After all, PS5 supply is still not high enough to meet demand.

    [UPDATE: January 5 – Added CES 2022 details]

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